I am looking forward to working with talented students and experienced research experts in the exciting fields of hardware accelerators for AI and AI-accelerated hardware designs.

I am recruiting Ph.D. students and PostDocs for Fall 2021, Spring 2022, and Fall 2022. Expected candidates should include one of the following expertises: (1) analog/mixed-signal circuit designs of OpAmp, A/DAC, PLL, and so on; (2) large end-to-end digital system design from Verilog programming, logic synthesis, floor plan to place-n-route; (3) hands-on experience with chip tape-out and testing. Knowledge of machine learning and experience with PyTorch programming is definitely a plus, but an IC design background is highly recommended for application. Beyond the above requirements, PosdDoc will need additional expertise with independent research and student mentoring.

It definitely will help if you could email your up-to-date CV to If I find your background a good match, I will go ahead and arrange a remote interview. Those who provide specific examples in the email of how your expertise matches my prior and current work will give special considerations. My suggestion is to read my prior papers before sending out the email.

Mentoring Philosophy: Once you join the lab, we are helping each other fulfill individual life goals. For myself, I am passionate about propelling society equality and prosperity with technical contributions at this point. Your talents and hard work help me, it is also my responsibility to help you with your specific life goals. For those who are interested in industrial careers, I’d like to work with you to formulate a research path that gets you trained/prepared for a preferred position in companies, such as IBM, Intel, Apple, Facebook, and so on. As far as the primary research target has been met, students are encouraged to get an intern in the industry and apply what they have learned. For those who are interested in pursuing further on the interesting but difficult path of academic research, I will work with you and help you with research direction formulation, application material preparations, collaborative reference connection, and whatever you will need that I happen to be helpful. I am more than excited to see my students and colleagues succeed. So let’s help each other and make life easier and better.